Application of Fiberglass rod in Agriculture

The Fiberglass rod is one of the indispensable new alternative materials for modern industry and agriculture.

It is now widely used in modern agricultural planting, idea for agricultural arch sheds, flowers insulation sheds, plant and tree support.

Compared with traditional support rods, fiberglass rods have the following advantages

Strong but Flexible: The flexibility of Fiberglass rod allows movement during windy conditions but provides the necessary strength to

keep plants sturdy in high winds

Reusable and long lifespan: UV-stable fiberglass won’t rust or rot and is not affected by temperature.

It can be stored in a cool place and can be used repeatedly for several years. The service life can reach more than 15 years.

Strong designability : the rod ends can be sharpened for easier ground penetration.

rod color and dimensions are able to customized to meet various demands.

Fiberglass rod has good price as bamboo rod, comparable quality to steel and long lifespan like cement.

It has been unanimously praised by users since its application in agriculture.

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